Book Fair Birthday Club

Now is your chance to join the Madison Birthday Club at the Book Fair!
The Birthday Club is a program where a book can be donated to the Madison MRC in honor of your child’s birthday. Last year over 100 students joined! There will be a variety of books to choose from at the Book Fair that have been pre-selected for the MRC. Just look at the many benefits of joining:
1. The name and birth month of your child will be written inside the book and a birthday sticker will be added to the spine.
2. Your child will be the first person to check out the book.
3. Your child’s name will be added to the Birthday Club display windows in the MRC.
4. Your child’s name will be announced at the All-School Meeting during their birth month (June-December birthdays will be announced at the December 7th meeting).
5. A photograph will be taken of your child holding the donated book and it will be displayed just outside the MRC for the entire school year!

We hope you consider joining the Madison Birthday Club. Thank you to those who have already donated books this year.