Call for 5th Grade Variety Show Finale Performers and Emcees

This is the fifth graders’ final year at Madison School! It is time to let their lights shine and become a part of Madison School tradition.
Annually, the fifth graders at Madison come together to put on a spectacular performance as a group to end the Variety Show. Sign your fifth grader up and help add his/her talent to the finale! Performers in the finale will wear their navy blue Class of 2019 t-shirt or another navy t-shirt.

Additionally, fifth graders are the emcees of the show, welcoming attendees to sit back, relax, and enjoy. The stage time for the emcees is 8-10 minutes total, which will be divided between those who sign up. If you think this sounds like a role your fifth grader would like to take on, let us know!

As a fifth grader, you are eligible to participate in up to TWO activities in the Variety Show:
Finale + Emcee
Finale + Performance*

Sign Up here
Deadline for sign ups is April 5th.

*Please sign up for individual or group performances through the Variety Show registration.