Calling All MRC Volunteers!

If you are looking for a fun, easy, low commitment way to get involved at Madison, volunteering in the Media Resource Center (MRC) is for you! Share a love of books and reading and say hello to your child(ren) while they are in the MRC with their class.

Duties vary and may include shelving books, checking books in/out, decorating bulletin boards, preparing literacy materials for teachers, assisting students in finding books and/or organizing WeCreate materials.

We are looking for ONE volunteer for ONE hour in the morning and afternoon daily. If you would like to volunteer, just find your child(ren)’s teacher below and use the corresponding AM/PM button to sign up to volunteer during class MRC time. A few things to remember when signing up:

  • Please only sign up for up to three slots initially. We will re-distribute again, should there be remaining spots available.
  • Please comment in the sign up which one-hour time period you would like. (For example, if your child is in the MRC from
    8:45-9:15, it would make sense to volunteer 8:30-9:30.)


Jackson (3), K. Egan (K), Skordilis (2), Kramer (3), Molinero (2), Martino (2), Kurschat (1), Trumbull (AM, K)


T. Egan (4), Wright (2), Sales (1), Pomeroy (4), Dunlea (4), Vercoe (3), Moles (1), Madaj (5), Salvesen (1), Pierson (5), Murphy (5), Cebula/Miller (3), Trumbull (PM, K)

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Baskel, the PTO MRC Volunteer Coordinator, at