CHG Gift Wish Request Form

Thank you for helping Madison by participating in our annual holiday outreach program.  In partnership with HSC Family Services, Madison families like yours fulfill the wish lists of dozens of children in our community.  You will receive the name, age, and wish request for a child in our community.  We hope you will involve your student in this wonderful activity as much as possible.

Community Holiday Gifts

Please fill out and submit this form and you will receive one or more gift wishes and instructions in your child's backpack. Please be sure to check your child's backpack for the envelope daily.
    Thank you for indicating your preferences. We cannot however guarantee that you will be asked to donate what you request. We work hard to ensure each child receives a range of gift items and may not have what you requested. Whatever you give, know that it will be loved and very much appreciated by our sponsored families.
  • You can add further details about your preference here to indicate quantity or specify categories (e.g. arts/crafts, sports, books)
    You may choose more than one preference

To donate Grocery Gift Cards to our sponsored families, visit the CHG GROCERY CARD FORM   Every  year our families express to us how grateful they are for the food assistance we provide annually.  Last year, Madison families generously donated $2,000 in WalMart gift cards to help the entire sponsored families.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about CHG or this Form.  Email us at