Clubs – Overview

The Madison PTO is proud to sponsor a variety of clubs for Madison students. Below is a list of the clubs we support. To learn more about any of the clubs, please contact the school office at 630.861.4100.

Art Club

Art Club provides students an opportunity to explore various art media & techniques beyond our classroom time.  Students will work in processes such as painting, drawing, & sculpting.

Cardio Club

Madison students are invited to participate in our walking/running club. This is another opportunity for students who enjoy running or power walking to improve their cardio endurance and at the same time earn toe tokens.  One toe token is earned for every mile jogged or walked at Cardio Club.  Every 10 miles also earns you a big foot and a total of 25 miles earns you a #25 medal.  A total of 50 miles earns you a #50 medal and running 75 miles earns you a #75 medal.  If you total 100 miles, you earn a blue ribbon.   Remember, you may also keep all the toe tokens that you have earned and you continue to earn a big foot for every 10 miles you run or walk.  Toe tokens from previous years count towards medals.  We will meet in the back of the school, south side of the gym.  Cardio Club will be cancelled if there is rain, thunder or lightning. Parents are welcomed to participate.

Chess Club

Learn to Play:

This class is geared towards those who know nothing or very little about chess.  It will help develop strong fundamentals including how to set-up the board, what the pieces are called, their values, and how they move.

Recreational Class:

This class is directed towards students who want to have a fun time learning chess, without the pressure of tournament play.  Students will learn fundamental tactics, strategies, and ideas.


This class is aimed at students who want to learn more advanced techniques, strategies, and tournament rules.  Students are encouraged to participate in local tournaments to gain more experience and potentially compete at the Illinois state Chess Championship in March.

Garden Club

Do you have a green thumb, love being outside, and enjoy learning all about plant life cycles?  If so, join the Green Thumb Garden Club.  Help us maintain and enjoy working in our outdoor living classroom and Green House, as well as the Madison School vegetable garden.

Kids Care Club

Want to foster a love of community service with your kids?  Kids Care Club may be for you.    Kids Care Club will be sponsoring several events this year that range from helping families in need in our community to providing care packages to the troops to volunteering with seniors at a local senior care center.  There is no ongoing commitment.  Just RSVP as needed and come out for events that work in your schedule.    Contact email:

Madison Cup Stacking Club

Sport Stacking not only promotes physical fitness, but also academic learning.

Benefits of Stacking include:  Hand-eye coordination, right and left brain activation, self-esteem, bilateral coordination, fitness, body/brain connection, meets NASPE standards.

Newspaper Club

The Madison Times Newspaper Club is a fun and excellent enrichment program to foster your 4th or 5th grade child’s interest in writing creativity, talking to people, and working with others as well as the enjoyment of being published in your school newspaper that everyone reads!

Yoga Club

Incorporates the two processes that most children love to engage in:  sound and movement.  Yoga essentials are incorporated to encourage healthy habits, concentration, memory, flexible bodies, and sleep filled nights.