Czerniuk PE-Cosmic Bowling Day

Dear Parents,
On November 13th, you are invited to attend your child’s physical education class to participate in our “cosmic bowling” day. This is a fun time for the students to show off their newly acquired bowling skills! We hope you can make it! Check the schedule time below to see when your child’s class meets. Due to liability, siblings may not participate.

Mrs. Czerniuk

Tuesday November 13
2Mo 9:15-9:40
3K 10:05-10:30
3C/M 10:30-10:55
5P 10:55-11:20
5Mu 12:30-12:55
5Ma 12:55-1:20
3V 1:40-2:05
2Ma 2:05-2:30
1JS 2:30-2:55