Dash & Bash Thank You!

Dash & Bash was an incredible success with over 560 participants and $15,000 raised for Madison! We thank you for all of your support and enjoyed spending a fun morning with the Madison Community.

A very heartfelt thank you to our incredible Dash & Bash team that included: Heather Rooney, Kaci Myhra, Girlie Spatara, Kelly Lawrence, Leah Brinkmeyer, Emily Campbell, Andy Lee, Marie and Adam Runyan and Arynn and Dane Graham. A special shout out to our wonderful custodian Fernando who went above and beyond to help us on a Sunday. We also appreciate the volunteers who volunteered the day of the event. And last but definitely not least our amazing principal, Barb Shanahan, for her support and guidance in planning and execution. We’re definitely “better together”!

Congrats to our raffle winners:

  • Principal for a Day: Ava Nolan- Fall and Grace Tuthill- Spring
  • BB’s Donuts: Owen Slambrouk and Grace Higgins
  • Nourished: Kelly Lawrence
  • Suburbanite Bowling: Rae Mugnolo
  • Windy City Ninjas: Jonathan Meyer
  • 4 tix to Bulls: Kristin Achterhof (Landon Ronaldson)
  • 4 tix to Hawks: Steve Kouba
  • PE Teacher 1st grade: Kurschat: Katherine Brinkmeyer, Moles: Blake Cassell, Salvesen: Robert Kouba
  • PE Teacher 2nd grade: Skordilis: Andrew Bird, Molinero: Juliet Campbell, Wright: Eve Goodwinn
  • PE Teacher 3rd grade: Husted: Eli Lawrence
  • PE Teacher 4th grade: Dunlea: Ellie Ilic, Kramer: Torsten Wood, Pomeroy: Will Grunow, Miller: Paul Hare
  • PE Teacher 5th grade: Pierson: Tom Riley, Hoff: Mason Wolfe, Jackson: Grant Goodwin
  • Design the Front Cover of the 2021-2022 Yearbook: Harper Rooney
  • Design the Back Cover of the 2021-2022 Yearbook: Kellan Goodwin
  • Free Yearbook: Micaela Fisher and Charles Van Slambrouck
  • Design the Front Cover of the Madison Directory: Sawyer Myhra
  • Design the Back Cover of the Madison Directory: Emmy Havens
  • Fly your School Flag: Rae Mugnolo
  • Roka Akor $100 Gift Card: Mona Idrees and Winnie Kuo