Battle of the Books

 Battle of the Books is for students of all reading levels.  The only requirements are their attendance at meetings and a love of reading!  Students will be divided into teams of five persons each.  They will be given the opportunity to nominate potential team members.  However, staff sponsors will determine the final composition of each team.  Reading is expected to be done at home.  Each team will be responsible for reading all of the books on the list.  It is very likely no team member will have read all of the books, but the team that reads the most books will likely have an advantage over the other teams.  Battles at Madison School will take place in early January.  Prior to this date, we will have mock battles so the participants will know what to expect.  Teams will be asked questions based on plot, characters, setting, and theme.  Points will be allotted to teams who answer the questions correctly.  The team with the most points at the end of the battles at Madison School will proceed to compete in a district battle against the winning teams from the other elementary schools.

The Language Labs

Provide your child the many benefits of a second language.   The Language Labs continues to enrich young minds by providing foreign language classes to students in District 181. Classes available in Spanish, French and Mandarin.

Read to Lead

One-on-one mentoring with HCHS & Madison students (20).  Homework completion, skill development, social skill strengthening.

SSLC – School Leadership Committee

Students meet to discuss/address building concerns, plan school spirit days, participate in school initiatives & funding projects.