Fifth Grade Clap Out

The last day of school at Madison traditionally ends with the Fifth Grade Clap Out. All students exit the front of the building by the kindergarten classrooms and line the sidewalk as fifth graders leave Madison for the last time. Music is played and all of the students clap and cheer as the fifth graders exit the building and walk down the sidewalk.

Please note that all children will exit through the front of the building on June 2. Following the clap out, students will be dismissed to go home. Please complete this FORM so we know if you will be meeting your child in front of the school or if they will be walking home on their own. The classroom teachers will have a list of students walking home by themselves and those who need to wait for someone to walk home with them. Please make sure you talk with your child about how they are getting home on June 2.

You are welcome to join us at 11:30 in the front of the building. Kindergarten students accompanied by an adult are also welcome to join us in the front of the school at 11:30. We will have signs indicating where each grade level will be standing.

We look forward to celebrating a wonderful school year and a fantastic group of fifth graders!