“George of the Jungle” Parent Observation / Participation Day

You are invited to come to the gym and experience “George of the Jungle” gymnastics ( movement exploration) with your child. Learn how exercising can be lots of fun. I highly recommend that you wear gym shoes and comfortable clothing. Check the schedule below to see when your childʼs class meets. Because of liability, siblings may not participate.

Please come and join us but participate at your own risk. Poisonous snakes, crocodiles and spiders will be present.

Joan Rickert – Physical Education Teacher

Tuesday, January 30th 2018

  • Kindergarten Jennifer Egan AM at 9:50-10:15

Thursday, February 1st 2018

  • 2nd grade Wright at 8:50-9:15
  • 2nd grade Sales at 9:25-9:50
  • Kindergarten Trumbull AM at 9:50-10:15
  • 1st grade Moles at 10:20-10:45
  • 4th grade Dunlea at 10:45-11:10
  • 4th grade Tiffany Egan at 12:35-1:05
  • 4th grade Pomeroy at 1:05-1:35
  • Kindergarten Trumbull PM at 1:35-2:00
  • 1st grade Salvesen at 2:05- 2:30
  • 1st grade Kurschat at 2:35-3:00