High Interest Day is always a highlight of the school year, and this year was no exception! This past Friday, our 3rd – 5th grade students participated in a full day of classes, customized according to their choices. Hopefully your child came home with lots of new knowledge and great experiences! The career, hobby, food and sports classes that the students select from are the result of almost a year of planning. To everyone who was part of this memorable day, from presenters to committee members to teachers and staff members to parent volunteers, we’d like to extend a sincere “Thank You!”

We are so grateful to our fabulous presenters for all of the time and effort that went into putting together such a wonderful array of classes for the students to choose from, and for donating their time and energy to this special day. Thank you!

Huge thank you to this year’s HID committee: Artemis Anos, Gayatri Batra, Noha El Ganzouri, Liz Elsdon, Vanessa Glavinskas, An Groom, Heather Gustafson, Ashley Osterkamp, Jackie Prajapati, & Emily Zeng.

Thank you to our tireless leadership: Karin Rohn, Beth Folkmann, Jen Baskel, Katie Stirlen and Principal Kim Rutan.

Special thanks to Amy Zimmerman and Candace Hanley!

Thank you to our Class Presenters:
Special Agent Madison – Terry & Pamela McCabe
More Than Meets the Eye – Dr. Treacy Adamo
Design Your Own Brand – Kara Reiff
Veterinarian for a Day – Dr. Hayna & Village Veterinary Practice
Dentists Have Fillings Too – Dr. Prajapati & 4 Star Dental
Animators Wanted – Nancy Gadzala
Game Design and Coding in Scratch 2.0 – Sakina Fakhruddin & Codinu
Blooming Bosses Boot Camp – Jill Carey & Mission Propelle
Wind Energy & Electricity Production – Zhi Zhou
Be an Emergency Room Doctor – Dr. McInenerny & Dr. Swoyer and their fearless assistants
How to be a Firefighter & Paramedic – Tom McCarthy & the Hinsdale Fire Department
Grill Like a Pro – Max Maxwell & Lawry’s The Prime Rib & SideDoor
Sunrise Smoothies – Heather & Brent Gustafson
Cookie Decorating – Sue’s Cakery
Baking in a Cup – Laura Bier, Artemis Anos
3D Printing – Ridgeway Burns & the Hinsdale Library
Sew Cool – Shannon Maxwell & Kim Bird
Hammer Time – Steve Elsdon & John Reiff
Improv Acting – Noha El Ganzouri & Artemisia Summer Camp
Art (Mosaics) – Ly Hotchkin Arts Program & the Community House
Droneworks – Tinkrworks
Beat Boxing – Dan Sweis
Off to the Races – Katie Morris
Volleyball – New Wave Volleyball Club & MFC Sports Performance
Bandy – Andy Baskel
Field Hockey – Rise Field Hockey
Pickleball – Bill Voigt
Pom Pom Clinic – Micaela Fisher