IMPORTANT Student Arrival/Dismissal Procedures (Hybrid Learners)








Due to increased safety measures, our arrival and dismissal procedures need to be altered to keep cohorts of students together and safely distanced both inside and outside. While I realize this will be a change, and might result in families needing to use different entry/dismissal doors, it is the safest way to allow our students to enter and exit the building. Please take a moment to read the details below.

Arrival Procedures (See map):

  • Kindergarten students will enter through the Madison School front doors (closest to our kindergarten classrooms).
  • First Grade: Students will enter the back gym doors nearest the sledding hill. Students will line up on the upper black top; staff will help direct students into the building and their classrooms.
  • Second Grade: Students will enter through the main office doors (off 6th street). Please do not drop off on 6th street. If you are driving, you will need to use the car line and staff will help guide students to the entry door.
  • Third Grade and Fourth Grades: Students will enter the back parking lot doors and go directly up the main staircase to their classrooms. Students will line up on their grade level lines – dots will be placed to keep students appropriately socially distanced. Staff will be outside to help guide students.
  • Fifth Grade: Students will enter through the back stairwell doors (in between the parking lot door and the gym on the playground side). Students will go up the staircase and directly to their classrooms upstairs.

Large banners will be posted above each grade level door and staff will be outside to help guide your child(ren) into the building and find their appropriate classrooms. In addition, grade level lines and social distance markers will mark locations for students to stand while waiting to enter the building. Entry and exit doors were chosen to allow students to enter the doors closest to their assigned classrooms and minimize any exposure to different cohorts of students.

Dismissal Procedures:

Dismissal will be staggered for students beginning with 5th grade. Students will be dismissed from their assigned grade level door (see above). If your child is walking home with a sibling, they will need to meet their sibling outside the youngest child’s grade level door. Staff will be at each location to monitor students and ensure students are appropriately socially distanced. Important: Please talk to your children about expectations for walking both to and from school. Students will be supervised on school grounds – no group gatherings will be allowed. However, it is important to talk to your children about keeping a social distance from their friends while they walk to and from school.

Car Riders:
Each family will be given an assigned number and display card on the first day of school. Please make sure you display your family number on your windshield so that we can quickly and efficiently call down your child(ren). Staff will be communicating to the teachers inside to dismiss your child(ren) once you are in the car line. This will allow us to stagger dismissal and reduce the need for students to wait outside. All car riders will be dismissed from the back parking lot doors.
Note: for the first day of school as you won’t have your display card yet, we will just ask for your last name and child’s grade level and will dismiss in the same manner. It just might take us a couple of extra minutes!