Information About eLearning Days: Beginning March 16

Principal’s Corner
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Information about e-Learning Days — Beginning Monday, March 16
All D181 schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. As D181’s spring break is March 30 – April 3, that means the earliest students will return to school is Monday, April 6.

Thank you for your help, support and patience as we look to begin eLearning with our students this week. We will keep you updated with any additional information after we get a couple of eLearning days behind us!

You can find daily lessons at the d181 eLearning website. Scroll down and click on the Madison logo to access the daily lessons. The first three days  will primarily focus on grade-level skill maintenance. This will provide time for our staff to develop high-quality individualized plans for days four and beyond that will include instruction in new content. Staff will ensure students have access to the support needed to engage in this work.

Students will need to be checked in daily as a component of ISBE e-learning plans. Families with multiple children will submit one form for all children. Click here to access the attendance form. The form will also be sent out to families via parent/guardian email daily.

If your child is absent due to illness or other reason, please follow the typical absence protocol and leave a message at Madison to report the absence. *Please note that if you choose to have your student not participate in e-learning activities, you may choose to report your student as “absent” for the day.

Teachers will be available to interact with students during school hours from 9 am – 3 pm. Additionally, staff may utilize virtual platforms to communicate directly with students if necessary for the delivery of instruction or related special education services. If you or your child have difficulty accessing the digital resources assigned for the day, you can fill out a support request with the Technology Department.

Please just let us know if you have any questions! We appreciate your time and patience as we begin eLearning days with our students.