Kids Care Club Summer Camp Donation

For this month’s Kids Care Club service project, we will collect and organize supplies for the Willowbrook Summer Camp, supported by The Community House. This camp serves 60+ children in a neighboring, under-resourced community by offering fun and instructional activities throughout the summer. The following items will help to make this summer’s camp a success: Swim goggles, Bug spray, Water-based paint, Sunscreen, Board games, Modeling clay, Clear glue, Eye contact solution, Construction paper, Markers (thick and thin), Water balloons, Regular balloons. All are welcome to donate.


  1. Donations listed above can be purchased and placed in the marked box outside the school office.
  2. Items can be purchased and sent to “Kids Care Club Headquarters” from the Amazon Wish List
  3. Used copies of A Boy Called Bat can be donated for the program’s summer Book Club.
  4. Make a cash donation HERE

THANK YOU for your support!

Willowbrook Summer Camp Supplies