November 6th voters in the D86 district, which includes all of the Madison and D181 attendance areas,  will be asked to approve a referendum for $166 Million for significant repairs on both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South High Schools.  We would like to encourage all Madison parents to educate themselves before voting either way.  Our purpose is purely informational.  All data comes from the D86 Board of Education and Superintendent Walsh who are legally prohibited from endorsing a side.
PURPOSE OF REFERENDUM: Mandatory safety, security, infrastructure, and accessibility improvements.  In addition to the mandatory improvements, the use of funds include pool repair and improvement, library, classroom, STEM, special ed and performing arts facilities renovations.
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TAKE A TOUR: Hinsdale Central tours will be offered on October 12th at 6PM (before the freshman football game) and October 19th at 6PM (before the Central / South football game)
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