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It has been said every child begins their life as a scientist.

Every new learning movement is literally an experiment. Every action is a “test and learn” search for more information.


Proposed Classroom Design by
Hinsdale Nurseries

Curiosity is what keeps them growing. Sometimes the learning is messy. Sometimes it is beautiful. Sometimes it creates more questions.

What is more like a science lab then a garden?  Microscopic seeds planted by the hands of a 5-year old will sprout in just a few days. As the first part of the green started to emerge from the ground a child will learn patience. Learning that if they do not disturb the seed and wait until the next day even more will emerge from the earth. A garden is the ultimate living laboratory.

This new program, driven by a cooperative of teachers, students and parents, seeks funds to build and support this outdoor classroom and learning area for the kindergarten through fifth-grade students (K-5). Each grade level will have a dedicated space geared to their level of development and coordinated to enrich the programs that are already part of their curriculum.

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The Madison School PTO has a proud history of working closely with the staff and administration of D181 to both maintain and beautify the physical environment of the school building and its grounds. Now, this opportunity to create a new environment by expanding the classroom outside in a natural setting will go a step further. This outdoor classroom will increase our student’s interaction with nature, develop their social-emotional skills, and importantly, teach them responsibility, ownership and follow-up as the long-term growth and success of the gardens will literally be in their hands.

Thank you for your potential interest in supporting the Madison Elementary Outdoor Living Classroom. Together, we can create the next generation of learning environments that will make the best use of our school and community resources.

Levels of Giving 

Family/Company Name on Arbor Plaque $2,500 and up
Family/Company Name on Bench Plaque $1,000
Family/Company Name on Large Brick $500
Family/Company Name on Small Brick $100
Family/Company Name in Dedication Program $50
*all donors also included in program


or Download a printable donation form


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