Principal’s Corner

One School, One Book
We are excited to officially kick off our “One School, One Book” on Monday, January 10! “One School, One Book” is a family literacy program that connects school and home. Last week at school each classroom displayed a wrapped book with a question mark, question marks were placed throughout the school and the morning announcements included questions related to Monday’s surprise. 

On Monday, each family will receive a copy of the book that was chosen, as well as a calendar. Families will be asked to read it at home or listen to the Madison staff read the book through video clips. This program gives all of the students at Madison a chance to read and discuss the same book. Look for more information on Monday – we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Thank you to the Madison PTO for funding the program. We are so excited to start this week!

Outdoor Recess
Last week we had several very cold days and had to stay inside for recess. We know how much the children enjoy outdoor recess. As long as the temperature (including the wind chill) is above zero, we will allow the children to go outside for recess. We are hopeful that there will be very few days that we need to stay inside.

Winter MAP Testing
Last week all grade levels completed the reading MAP test. This week our students will be taking the math MAP test. Please see the grade level schedule below. If your child was absent last week during MAP testing or is absent this week, we will schedule a time to make it up. Our winter MAP testing window is open until January 19

To help your child do their very best on MAP testing, please ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a good breakfast on the day they are testing. Also, please talk to your child(ren) about the importance of doing their best on the assessment without overwhelming them. MAP is just one measure that helps teachers guide instruction in the classroom.

  • First Grade: January 10
  • Second Grade: January 10
  • Third Grade: January 10
  • Fourth Grade: January 11
  • Fifth Grade: January 1

Vaccine Card  Upload & Surveillance Testing (Optional)
COVID-19 has brought unique challenges to schools. Our goals continue to focus on safe in-person learning and to reduce the number of quarantined students whenever possible. 

As a reminder, parents may upload their student’s vaccination card to Skyward in an effort to reduce quarantines and keep students in school. This is optional and information will remain confidential. 

To Upload Your Card

  • Login to Skyward
  • Click the “Online Forms” button
  • Find the “Covid 19 Vaccination Card” form and click “Fill out form”
  • Click “Choose file” to upload your vaccination card
  • Upload your card
  • Click “Complete Step 1 and Move to Step 2”
  • Enter the information into the fields
  • Click “Complete Step 2 and Move to Step 3”
  • Click “Submit COVID-19 Vaccination Card”

The District is offering optional weekly surveillance testing to students who are interested. The test is a nasal swab PCR test provided by Loop Medical. There is no cost to families.

Student Signup: If you would like to sign your student up for weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing, you can do so by logging in to Skyward, selecting the Forms tab, and checking the permissions box. 

Arrival and Dismissal
As winter approaches, we know that more students will be car riders and wanted to remind everyone of the drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

  • As you wait in the car rider line both on the street and in the parking lot, please try not to leave large spaces between cars. 
  • Please pull up as far as possible when dropping off and picking up students in the parking lot area.
  • Please have your student exit when the car is in the yellowed striped area of the parking lot. 
  • Please do not drop off or pick up students along Madison or Sixth Street. 
  • If students are coming early for band, orchestra or Battle of the Books, please pull into the parking lot to drop your child off and then they can enter through the doors by the office. 

Inclement Weather Plan
At the November board meeting, the inclement weather plan was adopted and approved by the Board of Education. Our goal is always to keep schools open; however, there may be days when the weather is so severe that we cannot ensure the safety of our students and staff. This year instead of a traditional “snow day” where school is canceled, inclement weather days may lead to remote learning days for all students. This would allow students to continue learning and eliminate the need to make up missed days at the end of the year.

The inclement weather plan is HERE in case you have not had a chance to view it.

  • The day will consist of live virtual instruction and asynchronous/independent work
  • The focus of live instruction will be in literacy and math
  • Staff will host office hours to answer questions
  • Art, stem, music and PE lessons will be asynchronous/independent work
  • Pull-out services, reading specialist services and differentiated instruction services may be held during the asynchronous work portion of the day
  • Asynchronous independent work will be completed using either SeeSaw or Google Classroom depending on the grade level
  • Information and links will be shared with families from the classroom teacher

Grade level schedules are listed below:

Thank you for your partnership in education!
Barb Shanahan, Madison Principal