Principal’s Corner – Curriculum Night and 1st Grade MAP Testing

Principal’s Corner
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Madison Curriculum Night – September 13th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (Parents-Only please).
See the attached schedule for more information.

MAP Testing (MPG) – 1st Grade
We will begin Fall MAP Testing for all 1st grade students on September 11th and 12th.
Note: Students in grades 2-5 will take their first MAP Assessment during the Winter testing window in December.

Please see more information below:
MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) is a computer adaptive assessment. As students respond to test items, the difficulty of the items adjust to match their instructional readiness level. Please keep in mind these assessments are mostly read to students, whereas the MAP for Grades 2-5 does not offer the auditory presentation. For the reading portion, this support phases out when a student reaches a specific performance level and demonstrates the ability to read independently. Your child’s report will be sent home after administration is complete and all reports are printed.

MAP data provides our teachers with helpful information regarding a stud ent’s academic strengths and areas for improvement in reading and math. Collaborative teams of teachers, specialists, and administrators use the MAP results and other data points to check the progress of individual students and groups of students for the purpose of making instructional decisions and adjustments. If you have any questions about the MAP for Primary Grades, please just let us know!