Principal’s Corner – February Update

Principal’s Corner
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Erin’s Law – Week of March 9
House Bill 6193, better known as Erin’s Law, was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on January 24, 2013. This law requires public schools to implement an age-appropriate sexual abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for all students in grades Pre-K – 12. In District 181, we have adopted the Child Lures Prevention Curriculum to meet this mandate. Mrs. Herr (our school social worker) and your child’s classroom teacher will be teaching a one-time, developmentally appropriate lesson during the week of March 9-13.

The presentation incorporates concepts and skills taken from lessons within the Child Lures Prevention Curriculum that are developmentally appropriate based upon grade levels. The presentation was aligned with learning standards that focus on teaching students basic skills to help keep them safe from abusive or dangerous situations. The presentation emphasizes healthy and safe relationships through interactive activities and discussions. Some concepts discussed during the presentation includes:
Body Awareness Skills
Healthy Choices
Personal Boundaries
Appropriate Relationships
Safety Rules
Self-Advocacy Skills

We have also created a webpage specifically addressing Erin’s Law, with background information and an overview of the curriculum we have adopted. Visit > Resources > Erin’s Law.

MAP Reports – Sent Home with Students on Friday
The winter administration of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for 2nd-8th grade students and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) for 1st grade students has ended and your child’s score report was sent home on Friday, February 7. We use the data from this assessment in a variety of ways. In the classroom, the data provides teachers with a means for monitoring student growth in reading and mathematics over time. At the District and building levels, MAP data help us set goals and evaluate initiatives. Finally, in conjunction with other criteria, MAP scores may be considered when providing intervention and in placement decisions. If you have specific questions pertaining to your child’s growth and achievement, please just let us know. MAP will be administered one additional time to students in grades 1 -5. The spring testing window is April 20 – May 8.