Principal’s Corner – Weekly Update

Valentine’s Day at Madison!
This February, we look forward to spreading some cheer around Madison School by safely sharing valentines with our classmates. If you choose to participate, we ask that you please send your child to school with valentines for their entire class on Monday, February 8. On Tuesday, February 9, your child will be able to distribute their valentines to a bag for each of their classmates. The bags will be held in quarantine until Friday, February 12, when they will be sent home with your child. Please do not include any food or candy with your child’s valentines. We look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your child in a safe and healthy manner!

Winter MAP Testing – Hybrid MAP Continues this week
Please see the MAP testing schedule below. We ask that you make every effort to avoid appointments or other absences during these dates so that we can prevent having students miss instructional minutes during make-up sessions.

We use the data from this assessment in a variety of ways. In the classroom, it provides teachers with a means for monitoring student growth in reading and mathematics over time. At the District and building levels, MAP data help us set goals and evaluate initiatives. Finally, in conjunction with other criteria, MAP scores are also considered in placement decisions. Please just let us know if you have any questions!

MAP Testing Schedule:

Monday, January 25
MAP Math – 1st Grade – Hybrid

Tuesday, January 26
MAP ELA – 4th and 5th Grade Hybrid