Proposed Slate/Bi-Law Changes for 2020-21

The nominating committee is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for the 2020-21 Madison PTO Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Kristin Hull & Kim Bird
Treasurer: Becky Schreiber
Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Weil
VP of Communications & Technology: Jennifer Baskel
Assistant Communications & Technology: Mari Ilic
VP of Fundraising: Heather Gustafson
Assistant Fundraising: Heather Rooney
VP of Enrichment: Sue Goeckel
Secretary: Sara Perugini

Historically the slate, along with any bi-law changes, are presented to the general membership for confirmation at the Spring PTO meeting for a vote. Given the current stay-at-home mandate by the State of Illinois, we are unable to meet in person. Therefore we invite you to send any questions or concerns regarding the slate to or the suggested bi-law to changes to by May 1.

We would like to extend a warm thank you for the thoughtfulness and diligence of our nominating committee: Shelley Carter, Katie Crotty, Beth Folkmann, Megan Mikhail and Kaci Myhra.