Below are the committee chairs for the 2019-20 school year.

Committee Chairperson Email
Art Awareness Allison Peters, Jodi Hummer [email protected]
Book Fair Beth Grunow, Natalie Sabos, Courtney Headley [email protected]
Brick Sales Open [email protected]
Chess Club Izabele Turba [email protected]
Community Holiday Gifts Jen Baskel, Katie Morris, Amber Nolan [email protected]
Dash-n-Bash [email protected]
–Bash  Erin Gourley,Kaci Myhra, Marie Runyan [email protected]
–Dash Andy Lee [email protected]
Directory [email protected]
Future Funds [email protected]
Health & Safety [email protected]
High Interest Day [email protected]
Hospitality Laura Bier, Rosemarie Giannini [email protected]
Hot Lunch Lisa Hinchman [email protected]
House & Grounds Samantha Goss [email protected]
Junior Great Books Megan Mikhail [email protected]
Kids Care Club Erin Sexton, Jennifer Weil [email protected]
MRC Volunteers [email protected]
Mentors Emily Hannigan [email protected]
Newspaper Eric Makestenieks [email protected]
Parent Night Brady Cassell, Wendy Macri, Mari Ilic, [email protected]
Room Parents Courtney Headly, Jill Sparks [email protected]
School Supplies [email protected]
Season of Science [email protected]
Spirit Wear Sarah Kirk, Sara Perugini [email protected]
Variety Show [email protected]
Yearbook Amber Nolan, Megan Hickman [email protected]
Yoga Club Sue Goeckel [email protected]