Student Photograph Retake Day Scheduled for November 13th

Absentee & Retake Picture Day is on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Please bring your prepaid order envelope to the camera on Picture Day with money enclosed. If you are ordering online, enter the school code ending in 02 not 01.

If you are unhappy with your original photo and would like a retake, please bring the original pictures to the photographer on retake day. We will print your original order with the new image. Be aware that the retake photo REPLACES the
original image.

DO NOT WEAR GREEN, as the photographer uses a green screen.

Forget to Order the Original Photo?
Please visit our website at and click on After Picture Day. Enter your child’s Ticket Code. Ifyou need assistance, please call Van Gogh customer service. Always wear a smile!
If you have any additional questions please contact the school office or Van Gogh School Photographers Inc. at 847-382-2282.