Variety Show Guidelines

Should you have additional questions, please contact the co-chairs Allison Peters, Beth Folkmann and Heather Gustafson at

Participation and Guidelines for the Variety Show

Event Details

Location:  Hinsdale Middle School

Performance Date:  TBA

Performance Time:  TBA

  • Act 1:  Grades K-2
  • Intermission
  • Act 2:  Grades 3-5

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal (held at the church): We will run the show in order in order to confirm lighting and music cues. Please arrive before 4:00 so you are ready to go. You are free to go after you’ve run through your number.

Open run through at Madison on April 29th and 30th at 3:05 in the Madison gym.
*Tech week is Wed. May 1st and Thurs. May 2nd.
  • Grades K-2 (and all 5th grade MCs):  Wednesday, May 1 , 4:00 start
  • Grades 3-5 (and all 5th grade MCs):  Thursday, May 2 , 4:00 start

Optional Run Through (held at Madison): You are free to go after you’ve run through your number.

  • Grades K-2:  Monday, April 29,  3:05 start
  • Grades 3-5:  Tuesday, April 30, 3:05 start

Act Details

  • Group acts need to be two minutes or less
  • Solo or duets need to be a minute and a half or less
  • K-4 students may only participate in ONE act for the Variety Show. Kindergarteners may perform in the kindergarten act OR in a solo or group act.
  • 5th Graders may perform in the finale AND EITHER emcee or perform in a solo or group act.
  • Props are theperformers’ responsibility.  They must be:
    • Carried on and off stage and set up by the performer
    • Non-breakable and lightweight
    • Nothing with lights (including strobe or black lights).  Stage lighting will be provided
    • Must be able to be set up in 2 minutes or less
    • Nothing that is thrown into the audience
    • Not include glitter of any kind (including on costumes)
  • The curtain on the stage does not close. In the interest of safety, the lights cannot be turned completely off, they can only be dimmed. Please plan and practice your act accordingly.
  • Friday, April 12 is the last day to add or change an act.

Music Recording Details

  • All tracks are due by April 12 and shall be named “Title Last Name First Name” for example “Jingle Bells Doe Jane”
  • Track must be submitted in order for the act to register on the page.
  • It is your responsibility to edit music to two minutes or less (group) or one minute thirty seconds (solo or duet).
  • Because tracks are played through a powerful sound system in a large auditorium, they must be of high quality.
  • Tracks must be submitted as .mp3 or .m4a files only. To convert from a different file type, search for file conversion websites – they will convert files to .mp3 or .m4a quickly and easily.
  • This is an elementary school show. Music needs to be appropriate. Feel free to rewrite lyrics as needed.
  • Final, edited music needs to be uploaded no later than Friday, April 12.

Behavior Expectations for Performers and Families

  • No food allowed at any time while on church property. Only water is permitted.
  • Children must be respectful and courteous at all times. Please review with your children that they cannot run up and down the aisles, put their feet or shoes on any auditorium chairs or play in the lobby/restrooms.
  • Children cannot touch church property or equipment.

Parent and Audience Member Expectations

  • Parents and all audience members are allowed in the theater 10 minutes prior to show time.
  • Please only invite immediate family members, as capacity is a concern.
  • You are not permitted to save seats before or during the performance.
  • For safety, cameras/tripods cannot block aisles or exits.
  • No flash photography during the performance. We encourage you to take your photos/videos during dress rehearsal.