Volunteers Needed for WeExplore Day January 14th!

Season of Science begins January 14th

Parent or Grandparent volunteers are needed for the Madison WeExplore Day on Monday, January 14th. We are still in need of many volunteers!

The WeExplore Day is a wonderful hands-on experience for Madison students, highlighting experiments and science lessons incorporating common household items to spark curiosity as well as inspire students who think they “don’t get” science. Experiments will be set up in the gym, with each class coming to explore the stations throughout the day. This event goes all day. Teachers will be signing up for a period to attend the exploration labs.

Each of the experiments will need 1 or 2 parent volunteers with no scientific background needed, just a desire to have fun with Madison students! Do not fret, we will have all the materials needed and detailed descriptions will show you what you need to do! Ideally we would like to have parent volunteers work either the morning (8:30-11:15am) and/or afternoon (12:15-3pm) shift. Please sign up to volunteer.

Registration for this year’s Madison School Science Fair will begin January 14th. All students grades K-5 are encouraged to participate! Please see the Madison PTO website for registration form and details.