Welcome Back – Information for April 5

We are very excited to welcome everyone back from Spring Break!

Please read below for important information, procedures, and our upcoming Spring testing schedule for both in-person and remote students.

Safety Reminders
We anticipate that car lines will be busier than usual. It could take 10-15 minutes to navigate the parking lot at drop-off and pick-up times. Please review the procedures below to help ensure our students are safe and we are as efficient as possible during our arrival and dismissal times at Madison School.

Student Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:

  • Student arrival begins at 8:30 a.m. There is no staff supervision before 8:30 a.m.
  • Students should continue to enter through their assigned grade level door.
  • There will be a staff member assigned to each grade level door to assist students as needed.
  • Students should stand on the social distance markers on the blacktop and sidewalk and remain 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Masks are required on school property (this includes adults).
  • Students will sanitize their hands upon entry into the school.
  • Walkers/Car Riders will be dismissed at 3:10 each day.

Bike Riders:

  • Students should walk their bikes once on school property and lock their bike on a bike rack which is located at the front of the school.
  • Only students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are permitted to ride their bikes to school.
  • At the end of the day, bike riders should leave school property right away.


  • Students walking to school should head directly to their grade level door to enter the building.
  • At the end of the day, walkers should use the pedestrians crosswalks and leave school property right away.

Car Line:

  • The car line is for drop off and pick-up only. Parents should remain in their car at all times. Students should exit and enter only from the passenger side door. This may mean that child seats need to be rearranged in your vehicles.
  • Students should be ready to exit the vehicle, fully masked upon arrival to the school parking lot.
  • Cell phone use on school grounds is prohibited.
  • Pull all the way forward and follow the directions of the staff members on duty.
  • Please do not pass cars in the car line unless directed by a staff member to do so.
  • As you exit the car line, please note that left hand turns from the parking lot are prohibited.
  • All parents and students must use the crosswalk at all times. There is no student drop off, pick up, or crossing at 6th and Clay street.

Lunch/Recess Schedule:
First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Lunch/Recess Schedule and Procedures for Student Staying at School

  • *NEW* this year, we are encouraging all students to bring disposable or brown bag lunch bags instead of a reusable lunchbox. For students who bring a reusable lunchbox, students will place their lunchbox in a classroom lunch cart to transport back and forth.
  • Daily lunch will be 25 minutes plus 25 minutes of outdoor recess and indoor non-instructional activities.
  • Students will be 6ft apart from one another in the lunchroom locations when eating.
  • Several locations are being utilized within the school to minimize the number of students in a given space. The maximum number of students in any space will be 50.
  • Each student will have an individual desk/tablet chair assigned to them for lunch.
  • Seating charts will be used in the lunchroom and students will be seated at the same desks each day.
  • Students will be required to wear their masks in the lunchroom spaces when they are not actively eating.
  • Sanitization procedures for lunchroom spaces will meet or exceed the CDC and IDPH guidelines.
  • During recess, groups will be separated into smaller cohorts, and we will use all outdoor spaces (blacktop, playground, and grass field) to provide maximum distance between students.
  • It is very strongly recommended that students wear their masks during their outdoor recess.
  • Students may bring a fruit or vegetable snack to be eaten outside, at 6 feet distance, during a regularly scheduled mask break.

Procedures for Students Going Home for Lunch/Recess

  • Upon arrival to school each day, your student will indicate to their classroom teacher that they will be going home for lunch.
  • The classroom teacher will record the lunch absence for attendance purposes.
  • Please plan to arrive prior to your child’s lunch/recess period and pick up in the normal car dismissal line.
  • All students will exit the back parking lot doors (this includes students walking home for lunch).
  • Please arrive back at Madison 5 minutes prior to the end of your child’s lunch/recess period to ensure a timely transition back to the classroom.
  • Upon returning to school, please ensure that your student goes in through the back parking lot doors and checks in with Mrs. Mardula who will be monitoring lunchtime arrival/dismissal.
  • Classroom teachers will take PM attendance and ensure that all students have returned from lunch/recess on time.

***Please note that students going home for lunch must be gone for the entire fifty minute period, and may not return early to go to recess with their grade level peers.***

Food Allergy Management Plan (FAMP) Information:
As part of our goal to maximize social distancing while maintaining class sizes in our return to full in-person, we will expand the use of some spaces for lunch and use the gym, music room, and room 102. These rooms will also be used for instruction or to host assessment testing for remote students.

Please know that all classrooms other than these rooms will be used for instruction only and no food will be allowed.

In compliance with the D181 Food Allergy Management Plan, no peanuts or tree nuts will be allowed in these rooms. If your student is eating in a lunchroom that is also a classroom, you will receive a separate message to inform you that your student cannot bring peanuts or tree nuts in their lunch.

Custodial staff will thoroughly disinfect tables, chairs, and high-touch surfaces following any lunch period. All students have assigned seating which will assist with making individual seats allergy-free spaces. If you have specific questions or concerns, please let me know!

IAR and ISA Assessment Windows – Grades 3-5:
Please see below for our in person and remote testing schedules for the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) and Illinois Science Assessment (ISA).

Remote Schedule and Spirit Days! 
4/6 – “Knock your socks off” – wear crazy socks
4/7 – “Be a good sport” – wear a jersey
4/8 – “Dream Big” – wear pajamas
4/9 – “Hat’s off to a great job!’ – wear a hat.

Full-Day In-Person Schedule and Spirit Days! 
4/12 – “Be Bright. Be Bold. Be a Star!” – wear bright colors
4/13 – “Knock your socks off” – wear socks
4/14 – “Be a good sport.” – wear a jersey
4/15 – “Dream big.” – wear pajamas
4/16 – “Picture Day” – SMILE Big
4/19 – “Hat’s off to a great job!” – wear a hat
4/20 – “The future is bright!” – wear sunglasses
4/22 – “PAWS is proud of you!” – Madison spirit wear day.