Winter Map Testing Information

Winter MAP Testing – December 10th-13th

MAP Testing begins next week! Should you have any questions related to testing, how we use the data, or your child’s specific testing dates, please just let us know.

December 10th – 1st and 4th Grade Reading MAP
December 11th – 2nd and 3rd Grade Reading and 4th Grade Math MAP
December 12th – 1st Grade Math and 5th Grade Reading MAP
December 13th – 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Grade Math MAP

The MAP assessment (Measures of Academic Progress) measures academic growth in the areas of reading and mathematics and estimates a student’s instructional readiness for particular content. MAP tests are computer adaptive; they adjust to a student’s specific learning level. When a student answers questions correctly, he/she is presented with more challenging questions. When a student responds incorrectly, the questions are adjusted accordingly. Students in 1st grade will take the MAP for Primary Grades assessment, and students in Grades 2-5 will take their grade level appropriate MAP assessment.

How is MAP data used?
MAP data provides our educators with helpful information regarding a student’s academic strengths and areas for improvement in reading and math. Collaborative teams of teachers, specialists, and administrators use the MAP results and other data points to check the progress of individual students and groups of students for the purpose of making instructional decisions and adjustments.